Much like swimming in the surging waters that flushed out the Augean Stables, shopping at IKEA in Beijing means surrendering yourself to divine will and being carried helplessly along in a wave of Chinese shoppers intent on clearing out everything in their path. Sofas, dining sets, mattresses and jigsaw-shaped foam carpets? Nothing stands a chance once the doors of Beijing's furniture behemoth swing open to the milling crowds. And good luck getting home delivery....

Learning Chinese? While we assume you're here because you don't want to sound inarticulate in mandarin, it never hurts to know exactly how to sound inarticulate like a native. And that's why Brendan and Gail take to our studio today to share their own disaster stories about furniture shopping in Beijing, and pass along some tips on how to buy time in Chinese when you're not sure what to say next.
 said on
July 22, 2011
In regards to 内个内个内个。。。Whilst teaching English in Jiangxi a few years ago, the repeated use of this lead to Patti Smith's "Rock n Roll Nigger" being constantly stuck in my head. "内个内个内个, he's a rock n roll 内个".

PS. I ditto yr thoughts on shopping
 said on
July 23, 2011

Lol, 笑死我了!

 said on
November 18, 2013
Being a Michael myself, I find Brendan's comment very hurtful. I didn't pay a premium to get treated like this! ;)

P.S. I'd like to assure you all that I'm a very trustworthy individual.