Stephen hit the refresh button without much expectation, his mind preoccupied with the question of whether now might afford a good opportunity for another visit to Starbucks. After all, no serious market analyst could be expected to write a report like his without the most up-to-date sales data from finance, and who could fault him for being securely caffeinated when those all-important documents finally did arrive?

Learning Chinese? Or just a slacker seeking that ever-elusive job that combines maximum pay with minimum expectations? Whatever the reason you've come to Popup Chinese, join Brendan and Echo in our studio today as we talk about how to use directional verb complements to send email to colleagues and resuscitate the near-dead.
 said on
December 17, 2013
Great lesson, thanks. Some great words and phrases; most useful indeed. I really like this simple yet effective nugget: 玩去吧你 (wan2 qu4 ba ni3). Also really like the word 明知 (ming2 zhi1). It's new to me, and I can see plenty of uses for it (especially with the newly acquired 玩去吧你 )! Wherever are you guys steering our mandarin...!

Will revisit this lesson a few times & I'm sure there'll be plenty more things in there for me.

 said on
January 4, 2014
Thanks for the great podcast! I think the pinyin is a bit mixed up where the times are given in the German company section of the transcript.


Bāshísì diǎn yī fēn èrshísān miǎo


should instead be this: Bā diǎn sìshíyī fēn èrshísān miǎo


bāshísì èrfēn sānshísì miǎo


should instead be this: bā diǎn sìshíèr fēn sānshísì miǎo



bāshísì diǎn èr ?


should instead be this: bā diǎn sìshíèr
 said on
February 8, 2014
This podcast made me laugh, although or because I'm German. I have to admit, that precision in any case is of great value for us. But, sometimes it's all getting much more messed up than you might expect from an outer point of view.

And perhaps it's just this precision, which makes me notice this little neglectable error in the vocab: "拿过去" with "náguòlái" as pinyin.

How about common Chinese people: Do they more appreciate the benefits of German precision or do they just shake their heads about it?
 said on
September 10, 2016
点 has the 2nd tone instead of the 3rd tone in PDF
 said on
September 14, 2016
Fixed, thank you jaq.